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Fencing & Barriers

Fencing & Barriers

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When you invest in commercial automatic gate maintenance, you are able to prevent minor faults from becoming serious hazards or it may affect the functionality of your gate. We are able to offer high quality electric gate servicing and maintenance.

However if maintenance is overlooked we will visit and repair any issues that you might incur.

We are also able to design, supply and install electric gate systems – automatic barriers and fencing

Whether you are looking for a high quality automatic gate to protect our business and workforce or an automated entrance barriers providing a return on investment we can provide you with a solution.

We can repair instal security fencing for all applications, including vertical bar, welded mesh, metal railings, sports fencing, playground fencing.

Repairs – Maintenance – Design – automatic barriers – automatic gates – manual barriers – manual gates – access control – intercoms – rising bollards – rising kerbs – CCTV – vertical bar fencing – welded mesh fencing – acoustic fencing – metal railings – hostile vehicle mitigation.

Below are a selection of fencing & barrier jobs we have carried out.

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