Cycling to Work

Cycling to Work

Many business are now encouraging staff to cycle to work by investing in ‘end of route’ facilities. Studies show that the following benefits can accrue to businesses who can successfully encourage an uptake of cycling amongst their staff:

Additionally  general benefits are of course reduced congestion and carbon emissions.

A recent British Council of Offices (BCO) report into cycling, ‘The Market Cycles’, indicates that 38% of British office workers would consider commuting by bike if their workplace offered improved end of route facilities.

These include bike racks, showers, towels, hairdryers and complimentary toiletries.

‘This kind of service provision may not just encourage existing employees to cycle to work, it could also act as a market differentiator for prospective employees, and even have a positive impact on lettability.” said Richard Kauntze, Chief Executive of the British Council for Offices

If you would like SPA to quote installing bike racks, showers or hairdryers please contact us.


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