Maintenance/ Refurbishment of Retail Totem Signage

Maintenance/ Refurbishment of Retail Totem Signage

The importance of Totem signage for many commercial premises, especially retail parks, for both branding and information is accepted. The free standing nature, as opposed to being fixed to buildings, makes them very flexible.

However the counterpoint is that poor, damaged or old totem signage can give the outside world and potential customers or tenants a disproportionally negative view of a site.
A yearly maintenance visit can prevent this problem. This would consist of
• General cleaning of framework, tenant panels, lettering etc of totems.
• Check the steel framework for signs of corrosion and or damage.
• Check all tenant panels and letters are secure – refix if possible.
• Check tenant logos for signs of fade/ damage (and note).
• Report any faults/damage/further requirements that cannot be reasonably repaired.
• Submit a report on completion.
On the first visit, we will take dimensions of all tenant signs etc so should you require tenant updates on the following visits, we can do this whilst on site carrying out the maintenance.
Although quite often it is best to dispose of  old signage, sometimes all it needs is some fresh ideas to bring it back to life.
Utilising the existing framework and basic structure the sign can be reconfigured, new panels, complete new colour schemes, adding new branding and illumination. A cost effective way to achieve similar results to new signage.

Can potentially save up to 50% by utilising existing structures in order to give a significant improvement in the visual appearance of the retail park.


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