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SPA have been liaising with The Safe Group in order to provide fast response deep cleaning services.

The approach is summarised as follows.

Electrostatic charging

A lytic agent , based on the quaternary ammonium compounds benzalkonium chloride and didecyldimethyl ammonium chloride, is electrostatically charged , making it coat surfaces more effectively and remain active for longer. This environmentally friendly disinfectant will eliminate Coronavirus (SARS-associated) Human Coronavirus (VR-740), Canine Coronavirus (VR-809) as well as RNA and DNA.


Teams follow specific procedures, including establishing a COSHH assessment , risk assessment and method statement (RAMS) to ensure containment as well as cleaning.


All cleaning operatives wear full-body protective clothing, face masks and eye protection.


All cleaning materials generated will be treated as clinical waste, and as such will be sent by us for incineration by licensed waste carriers.

Audit trail

Certification will be provided that the area as been made safe, with waste and transfer paperwork for your file.

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