Electronic vehicle news

Electronic vehicle news

Pending legislation likely to require all new build homes and commercial premises to include EV charge points ( September 2021) 

All new residential and non-residential buildings would then have to include infrastructure requirements for electric vehicle charge points so that these may be added at any point. Existing non-residential buildings would be required to install electric vehicle charge points. The DfT expects this to accelerate the rate of installations from around 500 charging point installations per month up to around 700.

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Government launches major Future of Transport consultation on EVs and automotive technologies ( October 2021) 

The zero emission vehicles strand of the consultation is seeking views on new primary legislation that would give the government powers to introduce requirements in four areas:

• a statutory obligation to plan for and provide charging infrastructure
• requirements to install chargepoints in non-residential car parks
• new powers to support the delivery of the Rapid Charging Fund
• requirements to improve the experience for EV consumers


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