Meet the Staff – Dave Chatfield

Meet the Staff – Dave Chatfield

This month we meet Dave Chatfield.

Hi Dave, so what brought you to SPA?

I wasn’t particularly looking for a move from my old job as a premises manager for a school but, after speaking to Mark, SPA had a lot to offer me with flexibility for my family, and also training to further my career with SPA.

How are your working days?

Working days for me I can only describe as different every day! Which I really love. It’s refreshing to be in a different location on most days. And also working with the other guys, loads of banter!

What are your plans for the future and how would you like to progress?

I’m an electrician, but I would like to further my skills in carpentry and brickwork. And bring as much as I can to the table.

..and outside of work how do you like to spend your time?

I guess you could say I’m a family man, I have a daughter and 2 sons! So most of my time is spent changing nappies and doing night feeds! But when I’m not doing that I play football, a bit of golf and sneaking out for pint when I can with the boys!

Thank you Dave!


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