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SPA have put together a package to ensure that water systems are certified as safe when buildings return to full occupation enabling building owners and managers are able to show they have met their obligations. 

Cleaning of up to 2x Tanks (3000L or Less)
Flushing of all Outlets with chemical dosed into the tanks (30 outlets max )
2 Legionella Samples – 2 Bacterial Samples

£1400 + VAT

Descaling of Shower heads £30 per shower-head as required
Larger tanks quoted.
Does not include specific TMV testing but any TMV replacements identified due to temperature variations charged separately.

Samples sent to UKAS Labs for accreditation and certification provided showing that the building has shown due diligence in getting the system back to a safe standard.

Once completed  building owners just need  to continue with the basic ongoing water hygiene works in line with their Legionella Assessment .e.g flushing of little used outlets, and ensure temperature control.

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