Meet the Staff – Ewa Rusinek

Meet the Staff – Ewa Rusinek

This month we meet Ewa Rusinek, Business and Administration apprentice.

Hi Ewa, how long have you been at SPA?

I started working with SPA in June 2019.

What is your role, and what is a typical day for you?

I am an apprentice, gaining my qualifications in Business and Administration. I kick start a Monday morning by creating and scheduling new jobs. Well, after a coffee, of course! I’m chasing outstanding payments from our clients. I look after the admin in the office and make sure the team is filling out the correct paper work – no easy task, I can tell you! As well as answering phone calls and enquiry emails. My job is so varied and every day there’s something new to do – which certainly keeps everything interesting.

How are you finding the apprenticeship scheme and what additional skills are you hoping to learn moving forward?

I was really keen to start working and earning money, and an apprenticeship was a great way to get into an exciting job that I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. I knew I’d gain so many new skills that I‘d never be able to learn in a classroom. I wanted to have more professional confidence too. I work five days a week doing a job that I love, gaining valuable work experience, earning money, and training towards a qualification – it’s an amazing opportunity.

Tell us about your interests outside of work.

Outside of work my heart is definitely focused on social life, family and music. All my life I have been in love with dance, especially Latin like salsa and Bachata. I spent 4 years in dancing classes and now dance wherever I hear the music. I enjoy romantics walks in the evenings by the river and at the same time I like to spend time at music festivals and socialising with my friends.

Thank you Ewa and all the best with the apprenticeship!


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