Meet the Staff – George Poole

Meet the Staff – George Poole

This month we meet George Poole, Property Maintenance NVQ apprentice.

Hi George, what are you hoping to achieve through your apprenticeship?

Over the next 18 months I hope to learn some of the fundamental skills required to be a competent and valuable member of the team. There is quite a variety of different tasks that we deal with so I hope to form at least the ability to approach the majority of jobs sensibly and with the correct methods.

How have your working days been?

I have enjoyed my working day thoroughly so far and have found the team accommodating and more than willing to explain methods and techniques to me as we go along. One of the main reasons I chose to do an apprenticeship was the fact that it mostly involves on the job training which I find gives you priceless real life experience.

Plans for the future?

As far as the future is concerned I want to continue to learn and progress within SPA Ltd as. I endeavour to acquire even more skills and perhaps specialist courses to increase my value within the company. Outside of work I would also like to begin saving for a mortgage so I can find my first home.

..and outside of work how do you like to spend your time?

When I am outside of work I spend a lot of time with my friends and family as I do believe its important to not sit in front of a screen constantly. So whilst I’m able to I enjoy going out and being social in the evenings. I am a massive sports fan and love watching and playing most sports I regularly play and watch football. I am also an avid fisherman so often fish for a night on the weekend. Finally I have an interest in cars so spend time doing little bits to my own and like to wash my car with my friends on the weekend as well.

Thank you George and all the best with the apprenticeship!


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