Meet the Staff – Jessica Stickley

Meet the Staff – Jessica Stickley

This month we meet Jessica Stickley.

Hi Jessica, so what brought you to SPA?

What bought me to SPA was the prospects of my future with the company and being able to learn all the different aspects and skills that come with the job role and the company. I feel I will be supported in any decisions and pathways within the company I would like to take.

How are your working days?

I enjoy everyday at work, the days are always different and the tasks I complete change all the time. The office is constantly entertaining and everyone is so nice and friendly it makes everything much more relaxing.

What are your plans for the future and how would you like to progress?

I am currently working towards achieving my level 3 in business administration and once this is complete I would like to expand my skills within this industry and learn about how the work is completed on site as well. My final goal within this company is to become and all rounder and be able to help out in every way possible.

..and outside of work how do you like to spend your time?

Outside of work I play football for Brentford FC and this takes up the majority of my time in the evenings and the weekends as if I’m not playing football I am watching it.

Thank you Jess!


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