Meet the Staff – Owen

Meet the Staff – Owen

We think it is nice to know the characters who work with SPA.  This month we meet Owen Parsons.

Hi Owen so how long have you been with SPA and what is your role?

Hello I started full time with SPA at the end of 2016 as a contract manager and am now operations manager. I had previously worked on the vans for almost 2 years back in 2004 which was a good grounding to understand the challenges our engineers sometimes face.

So what does your role consist of?

Ensuring that jobs are scheduled a week or two weeks in advance whilst also allowing enough flexibility to respond to urgent requests that if not dealt with quickly could result in damage or massive inconvenience to tenants or others. In addition reviewing/creating quotes, liaising with clients and making sure that our engineers are properly briefed on jobs and client preferences.

If you were to sum up the qualities SPA bring to the sector what would they be?

Well we realise that facility mangers and property managers are often dealing with a number of properties and a high volume of jobs, as well as with competing priorities between clients and tenants, so we try as far as possible to take problems away from them and take a holistic approach presenting a solution. We also like to send a job report with illustrative pictures as soon as possible once a job is finished so that they are reassured that a job has been completed in the manner they wanted and so have one less thing to think about.

So how do you like to spend your time outside of work??

I’m a keen follower of the NFL and try and to attend games when staged over here. I enjoy travelling and have just got back from the Caribbean, next stop is Chicago for a different climate! Also a big foodie and love my cooking!


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