Meet the Staff – Simon

Meet the Staff – Simon

We think it is nice to know the characters who work with SPA.  This month we meet Simon ‘at Crendon’ Baranowski.

Hi Simon, so how long have you been with SPA?

I have been working for SPA since 2014.

What is your role, and what is a typical day for you?

My role for SPA is to manage Long Crendon Industrial Park .A typical day would mean; ensuring that I am on hand to assist tenants with any matters arising ,that the office block which holds over 20 individual tenants remains safe and sound and looking after and maintaining the grounds of the estate.

How are you hoping to develop your role and skills moving forward?

I would like to see myself continuing to be part of a team at SPA, growing with the company. I am very much trusted by the tenants who all see me as a ‘go-to’ when issues occur.

Tell us about your interests outside of work?

I enjoy participating in all sports and walking my dog .I often travel abroad and enjoy the different cultures that countries have to offer. Primarily I am a family man and enjoy family life.

Meet the Staff - Simon


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