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Meet the Staff – Webster

We think it is nice to know the characters who work with SPA.  This month we get to know a little more about our Digital Media Manager, Webster.

So how long have you been working with SPA and what is your role?

Me and my assistant Permi Jhooti have worked with SPA over the last year developing the brand, website, newsletter and social media presence.

What are you and SPA aiming to achieve by developing these areas?

We felt it was important that clients and potential clients are aware of the sectors and services that SPA offer. We were aware that at times people could pigeon (mmmm, tasty) hole the company and assume that we only work on the areas that they had previously commissioned, whereas we are able to help them with a variety of different problems. Hence the weekly posts to the website, Facebook and LinkedIn of some of the jobs that we have done that week giving clients an idea of that capacity. This is then highlighted in the monthly newsletter. Again, whilst a little bit of fun, “Machine of the month’ is just reminding people of some of our larger scale work, although we’ve taken a little poetic licence with the snow plough for December!

The newsletter is also used as a means of raising relevant maintenance issues that may act as timely reminders or nudges to our clients of things to think about, be that the jobs necessary in order to prepare for Winter, use of drones or implementing issues raised in fire risk assessments.

What do you like to do when not working on SPA work?

Oh we work for a number of clients developing their digital presence and we’re exploring 3D kinetic sculptures of dancers – some virtual reality work and looking to put on an exhibition in London focused on diversity next year as my assistant Permi won the lifetime achievement award at the BEDSAs in 2018.  Personally, I am finishing off my #thenudedudewebster instagram project and preparing for the exhibition.  It has been an intense project, involving many people, I will need to take it easier next year and put my paws up a little more.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Merry Christmas!


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