Steve ‘Easy Rider’ Parsons

Steve ‘Easy Rider’ Parsons

This month we catch up with Steve ‘Easy Rider’ Parsons.

Afternoon Steve – so how have you been keeping busy since retiring – are you enjoying it?

With the rowing club, exotic holidays and trips to France I really don’t know how I managed to go to work and fit everything into the day!

We understand that you’ve become an expert ice cream maker – tell us a little about your favourite flavours?

Anything with chocolate in it such as summer fruits or even blue cheese ice cream. A tip – if you put a little alcohol in it raises the freezing point and so is nice and smooth.

We’ve got to hear about the Harley and assume it’s not a mid life crisis?

More of a late life crisis!!! I’ve actually yet to fall off. I’ve just bought a pair of heated gloves for the winter but have to admit I do still struggle with a bike weighing close to 800 pounds – but getting lots of tips from Kevin!

Thanks Steve and have a Merry Christmas!


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