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Rolling snow into the perfect winter icon takes heavy lifting, warm gloves and a little luck. Luck that you have enough snow (two to three inches should work) and the right type of snow, nothing too icy or fluffy.

Ready to begin? Here’s how:

1. Find a nice, big patch of snow where you can work. Make sure that the snow clumps together easily. Note the less leaves and twigs, the cleaner your snowman will be.

2. Shape a handful of snow into a ball and pack it tightly. Roll the ball along the ground, accumulating more and more snow. As it grows, keep packing it tightly to a width of 2 to 3 feet. This will be the bottom of the body.

3. Make another smaller snowball (about 2/3 the size) for the midsection and lift it on top. This is where the heavy lifting comes in.

4. Make the smallest ball for the head and place on top.

5. When all three parts are in place, pack some snow in between to help them stick. If your snowman is wobbly, take a long stick and drive it through the top of the head, down through the midsection and bottom. Cover the hole on top with more snow.

6. Smooth out all sides with your gloved hands.

7. Give your snowman a face. Use coal, rocks or big buttons for the eyes. The time-honored tradition of using a carrot as the nose is foolproof. A row of pebbles or a curved twig works nicely as a mouth. And remember, your snowman doesn’t have to be smiling.

8. Tie a scarf around its neck.

9. Top your snowman off with a hat, whether it’s a knit beanie, bucket or the traditional black top hat. Just make sure to secure it to the head so it doesn’t blow off in the wind.

10. Create little arms out of extra snow or fallen branches. Have your snowman hold a shovel or a gardening tool such as a rake or hoe.

Extreme Snowman Ideas

Get creative with your snowman and experiment with different sizes, shapes, faces and outfits.

• Your snowman doesn’t have to be standing on the ground. Try suspending him from a tree!
• Trade the plaid shirt and mittens for a bikini and sunglasses. Your snowman will be ready for summer.
• Give him arms with tree branches.
• Give him a mustache and hair using greenery.
• Have your snowman lounging on a bench or the front stoop.
• Dress him up in earmuffs, a cowboy hat, sneakers — anything that will give him a little personality.
• Make a family of mini snowmen.
• Have him doing a handstand.
• Add stick poles and skis.


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