Water Ingress

Water Ingress

Our preventative maintenance team visited a commercial building in central London that had experienced a number of water ingress issues.

Upon inspection of the brickwork we found several issues that raised our concern, as being potential water ingress points. There was a great number of hairline cracks in both the mortar joints and some of the bricks, the mortar itself was mouldy in places (moss growing) indicating that the mortar is saturated most of the time. We considered the water ingress to be related to the condition of the brickwork.

As such we cleaned all of the mortar joints, dried them before applying a clear resin to fully seal all of the mortar joints (this seeps into the hairline cracks, following the path that water ingress would take and fills them before curing in place fully sealing the joints. Once the resin had fully cured we then silicone sealed all of the joints before applying a further over coat of resin to fully seal and protect the area..

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