Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection

Holistic assessment based approach to passive fire protection

At SPA we are working closely with Siren Training (member of FPA)  to develop a holistic assessment based approach to passive fire protection and subsequent maintenance

FRA results

An FRA will often note potential issues regarding a buildings passive fire protection , recommending that a fire door survey and/or a fire stopping survey is required.

The subsequent survey is often then performed in isolation from the other elements of the fire plan that are in place.

  • Fire detection systems
  • Fire extinguishers and other firefighting equipment
  • Emergency routes and exits
  • An emergency fire evacuation plan
  • The evacuation of less-abled people
  • The evacuation and fire safety information to employees and other people on the premises
  • Staff fire safety training

This can often result in a survey that does not take into account the context of the risks and hence recommends works that are potentially not necessary or else in some circumstances (e.g. less able bodied people) not identifying some risks.

Fire door surveys and fire stopping surveys

If you have a requirement for a fire door survey or fire stopping survey do contact us.

Siren Training are able to compete these surveys by persons qualified by either FIRA, FPA or IFE – detail specific works required and SPA will produce detailed pricing for the subsequent works should you want to have them carried out included in the costSurveys will take into account the context of all passive fire protection within the overall fire plan for a building.

Fire Risk Assessments

Siren Training are also able to provide Fire Risk assessments by persons qualified by either FIRA, FPA or IFE which will in normal circumstances detail specific passive fire protection improvements rather than requiring separate surveys and again we will be able to price these up in a single report included in the cost.



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